Top 10 Family Movies Of All Time

Which movie would you pick if you had to please the whole family?

We tried to collect the best 10 movies for parents with a wide range of children, from toddlers to teens.

1. The Sound of Music (1965)

From the opening “The hills are a-liiii-ve…” Robert Wise’s Oscar-winning musical has you right in its grasp. Every one of the von Trapps pitch in to this juggernaut of sing-along fun. To watch a family band together to prove that it takes more than Nazis to break up a tight-knit clan, explains why this movie continues to be one of our favourite things.

2. Shaun the Sheep movie (2014)

This charming, full-hearted gem from Aardman Animation is a simple, but delightful film. The narrative pokes fun at the concepts of fashion, incarceration and going viral, even as it bounces merrily through a host of hilarious gags. Shaun is a sweetly determined hero and the Farmer’s storyline spices up the comedy with a hint of drama.

3. The Lion King (1994)

Elderly lion Scar plots to usurp his brother, King Mufasa (James Earl Jones), from the throne, only to find his route blocked by newborn cub Simba (Jonathan Taylor Thomas). Simba believe hes is to blame for his father’s death and flees. Years later, he return to the Pride Lands to overthrow the real killer, and save the pride from extinction. A great soundtrack by Elton John and Tim Rice.

4. The Muppet Movie (1979)

Kermit the Frog & Co. were already household names in 1979. This feature film has a counter-culture coolness, a sense of fun and wit, whilst still being child-friendly. Jim Henson’s muppets have a timeless appeal for children and adults alike.

snow white5. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Disney’s first feature-length film is an adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Extraordinary in its day, the company’s recipe for success is forming here: the heroine in peril, the moving musical numbers (“Some Day My Prince Will Come”), the humorous (Dopey), the horrifying (the Wicked Queen) and the happily-ever-after ending.

doubtfire6. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

Daniel Hillyard (Robin Williams) is a free spirited animator, husband and father. Too free spirited for wife Miranda (Sally Field) who divorces him. He contrives to get back into his children’s lives by manipulating Miranda into hiring a proper British nanny, “Mrs. Doubtfire”. The power behind the movie is Williams who keeps everything running and also gives the film a heart.

toy story7. Toy Story (1995)

Pixar’s first feature film, this movie is about the importance of having your friend’s back. But it is also about the bond that every child has with toys of their youth, and how they are given life by a child’s imagination. Great storytelling, animation style and character development in a child-friendly movie.

wizard oz8. Wizard of Oz (1939)

This Hollywood classic is a charming, vibrant imaginary world of flying monkeys and good witches, scarecrows and scared lions. The film’s message is timeless: Go out and travel and have new, exciting experiences, but in the end, there’s no place like home, and no one quite like your family and friends.

willy wonka9. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

Every kid wants to run rampant in a candy factory, and this nutty adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book is a golden ticket to a dream come true: riding a boat through chocolate rivers, burping your way out of a soda room and getting lots of musical life lessons from Oompa Loompas.

mary10. Mary Poppins (1964)

Julie Andrews is back again with her super-nurturing nanny role. Mary Poppins will take your family on a magical journey and a musical adventure, with whimsical tunes and catchy beats. This was Disney’s first Academy Award-nominated feature film with 13 nominations in all. It’s a practically perfect movie for the entire family.